We Deliver

Real-time Reconciliation

Instant lead Delivery & Tracking

We Deliver

Real-time Reconciliation

Instant lead Delivery & Tracking

Targeted Tracking

You can report on your leads based on the core channels such as search, social, display or email as you see the results they generate.

Our global performance network offers a unique opportunity to work on “PAY-ON-RESULTS” basis. We have partnered with leading premium publishers across 94 countries who are willing to take the media risk.

Our data-driven marketing approach powered by one of the most advanced online lead generation technology allows us to formulate a transparent ecosystem that drives growth.

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Real-Time Reconciliation

We recognise that not all payments are instant, so we have ensured that each payment is recorded in real-time.

In the events of elastic sales timelines, we make sure that everything is reconciled retrospectively if it occurred in a delayed fashion.

We deliver real-time, searchable data across everything in the portal through one simple, powerful search box. It makes it easy to view and manage current and past commercial history that you have.

By intelligently indexing conversions, you have access to all customer interactions as they relate to a sale, project, issue or any other vertical that has been defined.

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Invoices Dashboard

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